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A look inside Empowered: mind, body & soul

In the early days of my growth & healing journey, I kept hitting a wall of resistance, over and over again.  Eventually, I discovered I had a self-worth problem and it's not uncommon.  We've been receiving messages about our value since birth.  We live by these messages, often without our awareness.  Self-worth can be a significant element of our struggles.  That is why we started with self-worth in our first session, of Empowered: mind, body & soul.

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Inner Child Meditation

Join us in Empowered: mind, body & soul and gain access to the

EFT/Tapping for Self-Worth session.


Become a part of a community focused on

growth, healing, and expansion.

Membership includes a monthly group mentoring session and a monthly group healing session of various types, including Reiki, sound healing, tapping, guided meditations, and more.


All meetings are virtual and recorded.


The investment is $27/month. You can cancel at any time.

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