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This Summer

Empowered: YA is a special, 6-week summer program for kids and young adults.  In this program, they will begin to step into their inherent power.

You want them to:

  • love themselves

  • trust themselves

  • feel confident

  • be connected with their inner voice

  • make decisions that are right for them

  • feel comfortable in their own skin

  • approve of themselves and their choices and not look for approval from others

  • communicate in healthy ways, understanding that how they communicate affects how others react and respond to them

  • understand that their happiness is their responsibility

  • understand that their thoughts and behaviors create their outcomes

  • stand up for themselves

  • feel empowered

  • be happy

  • reduce their stress and anxiety

  • have a healthy level of self-esteem

  • believe in themselves

  • not take things so personally

  • process their emotions in healthy ways

  • be healthy and energetic

  • focus on the things that are important

  • make choices that support themselves and their future

  • be responsible

  • be safe

  • appreciate their uniqueness

  • manage all of their responsibilities in healthy ways

  • have tools to manage their stress and anxiety

  • feel powerful

  • be able to quiet the noise in their head and all around them

  • feel safe and secure

  • have healthy and supportive friendships

  • be successful

Join the waitlist

Space will be limited and will open up to the waitlist first.

Over the course of 6 weeks, one group session per week, your child will:

  • connect with their inner voice and uncover their personal values, the driving force behind all of their decisions

  • understand that we all have different values and see how that may play out in their relationships

  • learn the value of setting boundaries and learn how to set and maintain them

  • discover how they may be draining their energy and learn healthy and supportive ways to balance it

  • learn how to process their emotions in healthy ways, allowing them to move through them

  • learn how to openly communicate

  • find the value in taking accountability for their thoughts, actions, behaviors, and lives

  • understand choice

  • and more...

The sessions will be interactive and fun.  The kids will be connecting with themselves, mind, body, and soul.

The sessions will be conducted via Zoom, however, an in-person option may be offered depending on interest.  All sessions will be recorded.

Join the waitlist below.

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Waitlist for Empowered YA
Image by todd kent

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