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30-Day Goal-Achieving Challenge: Transforming Your Dreams into Reality

Have you set a goal or intention for yourself for the new year?

Have you connected deeply with what this goal means to you?

Have you spent time thinking about what it will feel like when you achieve that goal?

Have you considered what you need to let go of to achieve this goal?

Have you thought about what you need to do to achieve this goal?

Have you left room for divine inspiration in the pursuit of your goal?

Have you built grace into your process?

If you are looking for true growth, these are all things for you to consider.

I am here to help.

I have created a 30-day challenge to help you take soul-inspired action to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals this year.

My intention for this community is to be a safe and supportive space to grow and expand together.  To encourage one another and hold each other accountable so we can all make progress together.  

Over 30 days, you will develop soul-aligned intentions and goals to move forward and achieve your dreams.  You will take inspired action to move yourself forward on your journey of achieving those goals.

Through daily prompts and activities, you'll gain clarity on what truly matters to you on a soul level, and what you'd like to manifest in your life, and you will begin to take steps to co-create it.  I'll support you and provide you with tools and resources to stay motivated and focused.


But this challenge isn't just about achieving your goals. It's about the journey too. You'll discover more about yourself and what you're truly capable of as you step out of your comfort zone.

During the challenge, you'll be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are also working towards their goals. You'll have access to resources and tools that will help you create a plan of action and stay motivated.

At the heart of it, this challenge is about personal growth and self-discovery. 


Are you ready to become more soul-aligned?

Join me and let's make these 30 days the start of an incredible journey towards a magical future.

The 30-day Challenge includes:

Access to a private group

Guidance & support


We begin on January 10th!

The investment is $30.

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