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Empowered: mind, body & soul
Group Mentoring & Energy Healing Membership

Join a community of individuals intentionally creating their best lives.

We are seeking growth, healing, and expansion and achieving it in fun and easy ways.

I have spent the last few years creating a life that fits me and makes me feel peaceful, content, & extremely grateful.

I want to help you do the same.

I have learned so much from my work with coaches & mentors, my own research & education, and my energy work.

Consistency is key.

Consistently showing up for yourself can create unbelievable change.  It did for me.


I have also found that consistency is so much easier when you are part of a group.

I am taking all that I have learned and sharing it with you, in a group setting.


In Empowered: Mind, Body, & Soul, a group mentorship and healing membership, we will blend the physical, mental, and energetic to help you move beyond your limitations, heal, and ease into your best life.

Together, we will raise our energetic vibration, create good luck for ourselves, have fun, make life easier, create forward momentum, create more time for ourselves, find balance, release negativity & limiting beliefs, let go of bad habits, process our feelings, heal from the past, repair our relationships with ourselves and others, step into our power, and more.


Are you ready? 

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The investment is $30/month.

Your membership includes a monthly group mentoring session and a monthly group healing session of various types, including Reiki, sound healing, tapping, guided meditations, and more, as well as, accompanying resources such as workbooks.

All events take place virtually.   Recordings will be available.

While in the membership, you will have access to the growing library of sessions and resources.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

This is only the beginning! 

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