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Hi, I'm Michele, and I am an empowerment coach, helping adults and kids connect to their inner voice, discovering who they truly are, what they're capable of, and what is best for them.  Through some very powerful practices, we work to quiet the noise (negativity, judgment, comparison, criticism, pessimism, perfectionism, anxiety, expectations, etc.) so they can connect their minds with their souls and bravely and confidently live their happiest and most authentic lives.

"We are so grateful for YOU! I really do believe things happen for a reason and the workshop, etc. all happened at such an important point in both of our lives - we needed you and it was such an important way for us to connect with each other during this time as well…THANK YOU!!!"

- Angela



We want our kids to live their best lives.  We want to set them up for success.  


We want them to get to know who they truly are and live authentically.  

We want them to be happy.

We want them to:

  • Trust themselves.

  • Listen to their inner voice above any others.

  • Believe in themselves and their worth.

  • Know they have a purpose for being here and that it’s important.

  • Accept themselves as they are even if there are ways they'd like to grow.

  • Know they're not perfect because no one is.

  • Know there are things about them that make them so special.

  • Be able to hear the opinions of others without it changing their opinion of themselves.

  • Know there is so much more to learn in life and that’s really exciting.

  • Keep their promises to themselves.

  • Know they have a lot to offer the world.

  • Know they don’t need to fit in to be amazing. 

  • Love the things that make them different, knowing they are their gifts.

  • Act in ways that align with their inner voice, their values, their soul, and the things that are important to them.

​You're here because you want to raise a child who...

  • Really knows who they are.

  • Is kind to themselves and others.

  • Takes care of themselves.

  • Will stick up for themselves.

  • Will embrace their uniqueness.

  • Doesn't need to follow the crowd.

  • Makes good choices based on who they are, not what others are doing.

  • Has strong core values.

  • Will come to you when they need help.

  • Has good friends.

  • Is happy and confident.

  • Is helpful & responsible.

  • Has a supportive inner voice.

You want the best for them.

You want to provide them with the tools they'll need to live an incredibly happy life.

You want them to know you are there for them, every step of the way.


If you think about it, maybe you'd like some of this for yourself too.

You want to be a great role model.

Maybe you are concerned about the current path they are on. 


Maybe they are struggling and you don't know how to help.  

How would you feel if you both experienced...

  • True self-love

  • Happiness

  • Less stress, anxiety, and worry

  • Peace

  • Healthy habits

  • Increased energy, the good kind

  • Healthy relationships

  • Confidence

  • Better moods

  • Appreciation for life

  • Fun

In CONNECT you and your child will work side-by-side to connect to your inner voice and to each other.  You will bond through the experience and support one another as you learn and grow together.      

I have been on this journey with my children for years.  I've learned so much on my own self-development journey and have found helpful ways to pass it along to my children as well.

This program is for you if...

  • Your child is between 8 and 18.  (If over 18, I welcome them to my Spark program).

  • You will happily work through the program side-by-side with your child.

  • You are enthusiastic about your child's self-discovery and self-development journey.

  • You are excited for you and your child to learn and grow together.

  • You are open-minded and willing to grow alongside your child.










If you are ready for you both to...

  • Experience lots of gratitude 

  • Live authentically

  • Quiet the internal chatter

  • Let go of perfectionism

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Love yourselves

  • Stop comparing yourselves

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Become aware of your thoughts 

  • Get comfortable with your feelings

  • Improve communication

  • Learn and grow

  • Make yourselves a priority

  • Discover what makes you happy

  • Be true to yourselves

  • Take responsibility for your happiness

  • Find your support systems

  • Do for others

  • Find what lights you up

  • Be open to opportunities

  • Let go of fear

So you can...

Live life on your terms.

Live your lives to the fullest.

Live your best & happiest lives.

I invite you to join me in this empowering program.

In this 1:2 coaching program, you will connect to yourself in a very meaningful way, while also connecting with each other!


You will come to appreciate everything in your lives and experience gratitude every, single day. 


You will soon enjoy all the little things and the big things. 


You will comfortably experience your full range of emotions.

You will become open to all kinds of opportunities by setting fear aside.


You will grow as people, together. 


You will each spend time doing things you love.  Things that fulfill you and make you proud. 


You will build supportive and encouraging relationships. 


You will use your natural gifts to be of service, in meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling ways.  


You will transform the relationship you have with yourselves and therefore, everyone around you.  



Here's what we'll do together...

  1. Develop a gratitude practice

  2. Befriend your mind with mindfulness

  3. Find the bright side with a positive, growth mindset

  4. Develop a better relationship with your feelings

  5. Use your inner gifts for awesome outcomes

  6. Have some fun

  7. Find your tribe with connection & community

  8. Ask and answer: How may I serve?

  9. Learn to love yourself

What's included:

  • The steps that will connect you to yourself and each other so you can live your happiest lives. 

  • 10, 60-minute, one-on-two Zoom sessions (some sessions may be divided to allow for private consultation)

  • Phone, text, email check-ins, as needed

  • Free access to my mini-course, "Your Perfect Morning".  Great for busy parents.

  • Lifetime access to the Coaching Program Portal, with all of its content, including helpful handouts pertaining to each session's theme.

During and after our time together, you will both...

  • Feel healthier and happier

  • Experience so much gratitude

  • Appreciate the big and little things

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Have more confidence

  • Experience less stress and anxiety

  • Enjoy time with your loved ones

  • Spend time doing things you love

  • Reduce the unhelpful chatter in your head

  • Experience more peace

  • Feel genuinely positive, optimistic, and hopeful

  • Have lots of fun

  • Connect with good-for-you people

  • Improve your relationships

  • Discover your innate gifts

  • Help others in meaningful and fulfilling ways

  • Be a friend to yourselves

  • Live your happiest lives


Spreading-the-cheer28_websize (1)_edited.jpg

"My daughter and I began a mother/daughter coaching program with Michele after meeting her in one of her workshops. We did not know what to expect and had never done anything like it before - we are so glad we did it! From day one, Michele created such a special place and time for us to connect, learn, ask, talk, and grow. We loved that each week we learned something new - whether it was some type of exercise to try or idea to reflect on - and our sessions all built on each other. This program was such an important experience for us to have together - as a mother and a teenager. It was time set aside for us where we could open up conversations, learn new words and tools and we had something to talk about together. This program was a gift to us and we so are grateful for the honesty, care and thoughtfulness that Michele put into every conversation."

-Angela & Maddie


A program for parent and child, together.

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