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The lesson I learned…

If it will protect you, it’s ok to lie.

If it will shield you from an uncomfortable situation, lie.

If it will keep you from not appearing perfect, lie.

If it will save you from having to take responsibility for something, lie.

If it will show you in a better light, lie.

If it will prevent an argument, lie.

If it will keep someone at bay, lie.

If it will prove your point, lie.

When I say “lie,” I generally mean stretching the truth, a small omission, a misremembering, storytelling, forgetfulness, denial. Something mild enough to be thought of as justified in the mind of the one lying. But dishonesty all the same.

A lesson in values.

What's most important?


Personal comfort.

Keeping the peace.

Being right.

Values adopted.

A memory from long, long ago. Being asked a question, and answering with truth, and being scolded for doing so because it exposed a truth that was apparently better hidden.

About lying...

Abiding causes embarrassment.

And shame.

And then anger.

And disappointment.

Discomfort, disillusion.


How could there not be?

How can you ever trust with known dishonesty?

How does that shape a person?

What does it do to the ground you are standing on?

It makes you unsteady.

It leaves you very unsure of yourself and everything around you.

It makes you question everything.

Doubt everything.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

They are saying one thing, but I know they mean something else.

Overcoming the lesson…

A discovery.

Honesty is a core value of mine.

As I embraced it,

I released those lessons learned.

And it set me free.

What other people do is on them.

I can only control what I do.

I release the guilt.

I release the responsibility.

I release the shame.

I offer this…

Live your truth.

Live your life in alignment with your values.

Not ones that were given to you by someone else.

But the ones that rise from your soul.

Ask yourself,

“What do I believe in?”

Until next time…


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