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The lesson I learned…

Pray to God when you need something.

I would send up desperate pleas.

Asking for precisely what I wanted.

What I needed.

Please, please, please.

Disappointment followed “unanswered” prayers.

Amnesia followed “answered” prayers.

Still, I continued to pray,

begging for what I sought.

Overcoming the lesson…

I still pray to God.

Now I pray every day, not only when I need something.

Now I offer thanks instead of requests.

Now I pray for the sake of others instead of myself.

Now I recognize the beauty in higher purposes, so I am never disappointed.

Now I trust, so there is no more specificity.

Now I have faith, so I accept.

Now I am at peace, so there is no more desperation.

Now, when I appreciate a moment, I look up, give God a big smile, sometimes a head nod of acknowledgment, and always a heartfelt thank you.

Now I am grateful.

Thank you, God.

Until next time…


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