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Muddy Feet and Magic

I was hesitant to wash the mud and dirt from my body. It felt like I was washing away the magic of the retreat. Silly, though, because that mud and those women are now a part of me, for eternity.

I spent three days with ten incredibly strong, loving, open, courageous women. At first glance, we were all different, but we were very much the same in reality. We varied in age, personality, and experiences, but we all live from our hearts.

The conversations went deep, fast. We soulful women had no time for weather and geography. We dove right into the matters that affect us most. Addiction. Mental health. Illness. Death. Relationships. Fears and insecurities.

I was reminded that those who give so freely of themselves have not had it easy. They have lived through pain and trauma. They bravely surrendered to the help of others to heal. They survived and then courageously found their way to helping others, creating a beautiful, healing circle. Magic in my eyes.

We women connected. We supported. We yielded control. We dared to try new things. And we loved. We really, really loved.

Our space was safe. We did not have to hold ourselves back. We did not have to censor. We did not have to fit in. We let it out, whatever it was, that showed our true selves.

Everything about that weekend was magical. I will never, ever forget it.

M, A, L, L, E, C, D, B, B, A - my sisters - thank you for sharing your magic with me.

If you ever have the opportunity to surround yourself with strong, spiritual women, please do. Magic is sure to follow. Magic and empowerment.

Until next time…


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