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We have all the answers inside of us,
we just need to know how to connect with them.

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I offer you a warm welcome to Spreading the Cheer. 

I'm so happy you're here!!

I am an empowerment coach, helping adults and kids connect to their inner voice, discovering who they truly are, what they're capable of, and what is best for them.  Through some very powerful practices, they can quiet the noise (negativity, judgment, comparison, criticism, pessimism, perfectionism, anxiety, expectations, etc.) and align their mind with their soul so they can confidently and bravely live authentic and happy lives.

Through coaching services and workshops, I help adults and children cultivate mindfulness, a positive mindset, self-awareness, and love for themselves. 

Please check out my coaching pages to see if either of my programs is right for you.

I also invite you to click for free gifts:

For Families

Empowering Start


Additionally, I help clients in the form of energy healing.  Please visit my Energy Healing Services page for more information.

I offer my heart to you in the form of my blog.

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Check out my YouTube channel.

For an extra dose of positivity, kindness, motivation, and self-love, I invite you to join the private Facebook group: Spreading the Cheer.


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I'll leave you for now with my personal mantra...
Find the light.  Be the light.  Share the light.  

Thanks so much for visiting.  

With love & gratitude,

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Boston, MA, USA


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