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You are so hard on yourself.

You succeed in a million different ways every day.

Yet, you only focus on what you’ve missed.

You are not giving yourself enough credit.

Life is about balance.

You cannot always be productive,

Just as you cannot always be at rest.

But you need both,

In equal measure.

Rest includes those moments of silence and time to let your mind wander.

By focusing only on productivity,

You are not being a truly productive human.

Productive humans rest, play, work, smile, communicate, love.

They are all things, not just one.

When you focus only on your output as measured by work,

You are missing the many other important parts of being a productive human.

You have permission to rest.

You have permission to play.

You have permission to love.

Without these things, you are incomplete.

Give yourself as much credit for those things as you do your “productive moments.”

Say to yourself, “nice job; I took a nap.” “Well done; I took an hour to play or create, or interact with others just for enjoyment.”

Life is not a race.

Your days are not measured by your productivity.

They are measured by your enjoyment.

When someone says, you haven’t done enough today,

They are judging themselves, not you.

Whatever you get done in a day is the right amount.

No more, no less.

Embrace that.

Let go of the guilt and anxiety.

Neither is serving you.

Instead, acknowledge the moments you spent loving yourself and others.

Those moments are the key to life.

Not the ones you’ve been worshipping.

Always remember to love yourself. You are doing great. You have nothing to worry about. You are exactly as you should be.

You are loved.

Until next time…


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