A Cleansing

What happens when you start to strip away the things that do not serve your highest good?

The first step on my spiritual journey was not deliberate. As I began to release the things that were holding me back, though, I found myself on this path, with each step leading me to the next. I was armed with nothing more than faith and a willingness to forge ahead into the unknown, remaining unattached to each stop along the way because, as I have found, I am continually moving forward. Everything is essential, however. Each step is required to lead me to the next, and as I get further along, all of the pieces are beginning to fall into place. Every seemingly separate piece, I’ve come to learn, is actually a part of the whole.

Detoxing is for more than just your body. Your soul can be detoxed as well.

Eliminating the thing that made me feel numbly comfortable in my skin was the first step. I stepped forward, having no idea the impact my choice to give up alcohol would have. I’ve spoken about my decision to stop drinking before. I’ve talked about the shame, guilt, and self-loathing it caused. I have talked about the feelings drinking helped to suppress so they could continue torturing me long past their due date. I took maybe the bravest step of my life and, as a result, was able to move forward clearer and stronger than I have ever been before.

When you face a demon, it gives you the courage to start hunting the others that torment you.