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A tiny box

The lesson I learned…

Dream small. Expect small. Live small. Be small.

Here’s your tiny box.

Decorate it nicely because you will always live here.

You may toy with venturing outside of it, but you won’t succeed.

Not only will you not succeed, but you will fail.

And then what will you do?

Best not to leave it.

It keeps you safe.

And comfortable.

It’s kind of a shame you were born inside of this box, but it is what it is.

Deal with it.

It’s not even like you have to make the best of it.

You are free to complain about it every step of the way.

For your whole life if you want to.

Just don’t try to change anything.

It won’t work.

You are not worthy of big things.

You are not capable of big things.

You are not meant for big things.

You are not good enough.

Accept what is right in front of you at this moment because there is no other option.

No other version.

No other future.

Just this,


Come on, at least you’re good at all the things in your box.

It could be worse.

You could be miserable.

Oh wait,

You are.

Oh well.

You were born with this box, baby.

Nothing you can do about it.

Overcoming the lesson…

The box isn’t real.

The box is just more bullshit I believed.

I was recently confronted head-on with the mentality that caused my bullshit box mindset.

It set me on fire.

It made me realize that I have boxed myself in in a million ways, believing that bullshit story.

My mission is to annihilate every single box.

Blown to bits from the inside.

Bye, bye bullshit box.

My soul cannot be contained within you any longer.

My spirit is too big for your four walls.

Can’t you feel it?

Don’t you see it?

I was meant for more than this tiny box.

I am worthy of big things.

I am capable of big things.

I am meant for big things.

We all are.

Are you confined in a tiny, bullshit box?

My friend, here’s my detonator.



Time to start living the rest of your life out in wide-open spaces.

What’s your next move,

Now that you’re free?

Until next time…


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