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Leap of Faith

A year ago, I surprised everyone, including myself, by leaving my stable job to pursue a dream.

I’m generally risk-averse. Leaving my job without a steady income or even a suggestion of steady income was very unlike me.

I’m a planner. A worrier. Very practical.

Not a dreamer.

My story began way before this, though.

I had friends that left their corporate jobs to try something new or be stay-at-home moms. I felt such intense jealousy every time someone around me got to do this.

Some days I hated my job. Some days I didn’t. Either way, it did not feel at all fulfilling to me. I worked for the paycheck, not because I was sharing my gift with the world.

I ended 2020 with the idea that there was more to life than what I was experiencing, and I started to think that I would make a significant change.

But I wasn’t yet convinced. It was scary. I made decent money. We were finally in a good place financially. We were debt-free and saving. This was most certainly going to set us back.

But once that seed of hope for living a life with purpose was planted, growth was inevitable.

And grow it did.

By January, I had decided that I was doing this. I was going to leave my job and start my own coaching business.

Could I have continued to work and do this on the side, eliminating some of the risk? I suppose some people could have. I could not. My job was too demanding. I had nothing left in me at the end of every day. So I had to give up the one to do the other.

So, here it was, February 2021.

I was still scared.

Still excited.

Still full of hope.

Now ready to do this.

I had to give my notice several times. It wasn’t sticking. Fear on my end and persuasion from my boss.

But there was a force driving me. It was telling me it was all or nothing, now or never, do it or regret it forever. This was a big step requiring a giant leap of faith.

So, I leaped.

It hasn’t been easy.

Very far from easy, actually.

There are many days I wonder if I’ll make it.

But I have never once thought I made a mistake or regretted my decision.

“This isn’t right for me” has never crossed my mind.

That is what keeps me going; knowing that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

So, on the days I worry I won’t be successful, I keep going.

On the days I think it’s just too hard, I keep going.

On the days I worry I can’t do it, I keep going.

I believe I was set on this path for a reason.

I have faith.

Until next time…


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