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Never enough

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The lesson I learned…

Stuff equals security.

A mindset brought to me from a time when scarcity was raging, and stuff really meant security.

A long time ago.

Things will make you safe.

Carry enough with you, and you will always be prepared.

Never run out.


Never enough.

I have to get it.

It may not be here next time.

If one is good, two must be better, and three just makes the most sense.


Because you can never consume all that you have.

But never give away, only take in.

Don’t risk not having it when you need it.

Protect yourself with all the things,

Until you are drowning,

In your security.

Mountains and mountains of security.

And you can no longer breathe.

No freedom.

No movement.

No pride.

Just stuff,

Lots and lots of stuff,

Burying you alive.

Overcoming the lesson…

Not fully there yet.

But very aware.

And making progress.

I am safe.

I will be fine.

I am safe.

I have more than enough.

I am safe.

I have too much.

I am safe.

I share.

I am safe.

I give away.

I am safe.

Less is more.

I am safe.

Freedom comes from having only what I need.

I am safe.

I already have what I need.

I am safe.

Until next time…


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