“Nothing’s wrong.” “I’m fine.” “Leave me alone.”

Despite having a pretty open relationship with my kids, there are times when they don't want to share with me.

"Nothing's wrong." "I'm fine." "Leave me alone." "I'm good."

I was conditioned to answer every question asked of me. Even if I didn't want to. That, among other things, created a lack of boundaries for me. So, I don't require that of my kids.

But I don't disregard it either.

I give it some time to see if they can work it out themselves, or sometimes "it" even works itself out.

But, as parents, we know when there is something hanging over them that isn't going away on its own. We can read it in their posture, attitude, interactions, tone of voice, and behavior.

Sometimes it's not that they don't want to share; it's that they can't just yet, or they don't know how to.

There are way