Two years ago today, I gave up alcohol. I don’t talk about it much.

My drinking was a huge source of shame for me. I knew I had an issue with alcohol long before I allowed myself to admit it.

I remember trying so hard not to appear like I’d had too many glasses of wine. I always wondered what my friends and family thought. Did they think I had a problem? They never said.

At social events, I used to think that everyone was drinking just as much as me, but now that I don’t drink, I can see that wasn’t the case.

I was always so afraid of the damage my drinking was causing my kids.

I lived in fear a lot when I was drinking.

I was setting such a bad example.

I was spending so much money.

I was putting such a strain on my body.

At times I was irresponsible.

I ignored the pain I was in, and it came out in so many unintended ways.