Take your time

The lesson I learned…

Rush, rush, rush. Get it done ASAP. The faster, the better. Tick-tock. Time is a-wastin'.

I am a highly efficient person.

An attribute I always highlighted.

A trait considered valuable by some.

The quicker I could complete something, check it off my to-do list, and move on, the better.

It applied to everything.

Like a one-woman production line, set to high-speed.

I powered through tasks, meals, assignments, chores, conversations, events.

You name it; I bulldozed through it.

Each action was viewed as something to get done, and once checked off; it was time to move on to the next.

If I thought something would take too long, I skipped it (if I could).

The line is too long; never mind.

This is going to take forever; I don’t need to do it.

We will be here for hours; let’s go.