The magic of Christmastime

Oh Christmastime, oh Christmastime. It was always the most peaceful time of year for me. That is until I became a mom and stress replaced peace and the holiday season became a long list of things to do, gifts to buy, and events to attend. This year, I’m focused on bringing the magic of the season back. My goal is to spend more time taking it all in and less time worrying about buying, doing, and completing. I am aiming for a simpler Christmas. Less commercial, more sentimental.

Growing up, my mother loved, loved, loved the holiday. She decorated every inch of the house before Thanksgiving. That doesn’t seem so odd now, but I remember friends being shocked that our tree was already up a week before Thanksgiving. The house was completely transformed. Furniture was moved. Rooms were rearranged. Décor came down to be replaced with Christmas decorations. Christmas songs were the only music played from about November 1st through Christmas day.

I fondly remember sitting by the tree, the only light in the room coming from the strands of lights woven throughout the tree. My mother would be preparing dinner and listening to Christmas music. It floated in, to me, from the kitchen. The slow songs were always my favorite, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, and my all-time favorite, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I remember feeling so happy and at peace, sitting in front of that tree.

Lights play an important role this time of year. You may not know this yet, but I am in love with lights. As I look back, I realize that I’ve always loved the contrast of bright light against complete darkness. Like a brilliant star gleaming in the winter, night sky. A strand of pretty lights shining in the dark, cold night. Christmastime offers that up like no other time during the year.