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The ride

The lesson I learned…

Wait for change.

Someday something will come along, and you will be happy.

Just wait.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Your reward will come.

It will all be better.

Just give it time.

So, I waited.

And, while I waited,

I worked hard for results I didn’t want.

I diligently maintained the mindset that made me miserable.

I carried on with the motions of a life I didn’t enjoy.

Lots of effort going to the wrong things.

To the wrong actions.

To the wrong thoughts.

I got on this ride so long ago.

And never questioned getting off.

I just kept riding.

And waiting.

And riding.

And waiting.

All my decisions aligned with staying on the ride.

If you could call them decisions.

When you are fixed on staying on the ride, most decisions are already made for you.

Overcoming the lesson…

One day I realized the ride was making me sick.

I wondered why I was still on it.

Still waiting.

Nothing was happening.

Nothing was going to happen.

It was all just more of the same, day after day.

But still,

Once you get on the ride, you have to stay on,

Don’t you?

Didn’t I?

I’d put in all this time waiting.

That has to count for something, right?

I was told to wait.

I waited.

Where is my reward?


A tiny voice inside my head.

Small and timid.

Stop waiting.

Start doing.

Thought led to action.

Action led to change.

I was in control.

It was my choice.

All of it.

If you are waiting for something to change…

Please don’t wait any longer.

Time alone will not change it.

You will change it.

With action.

What do you wish would change?

Now, how will you change it?

Until next time…


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