This is me

I feel the need to be candid about some things so that you can choose whether or not you still want to be a part of my community.

I have evolved again. Leveled up. Through my recent self-discovery and tons of healing (thank you to my wonderful coaches, teachers, and healers), I have become me. The original me. The me I was born to be. She is different than the me I have been. You may be thinking, didn’t you do this already? Indeed. It’s not the first time I have evolved into a new (old) version of myself, but what can I say, I had a lot to undo, and it, apparently, had to be done in stages. I’m sure I still have further to go, but I’m ok with being a work in progress.

Anyway, here I am, the new me/the original me/the true me. Some of you will absolutely love her. I do. Some of you may think she’s nuts. Fair warning, she is weird. Well, some people’s definition of weird, anyway.

She had a spiritual awakening. She has two-sided conversations with God now. She has met her spirit guides…knows their names, what they look like, and how each of them protects her. She reads signs from the Universe. She connects with animals. She feels at one with nature. She is all about the divine. She is a speck of light energy plucked from the Universe (as we all are). She is woo woo.

Whew, that felt good. Scary but good.