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This moment

The lesson I learned…

Live in your head. In the past. In the future. Any time but the present.

What’s already gone…




What is yet to come…




“Why did I say that?”

"That was a dumb thing to say/do/acknowledge."

“They must think I’m stupid/silly/selfish/ignorant/crazy/unhappy/unaware/uninformed.”

“Why didn’t I say…?”

“Why didn’t I remember to include…?”

“Is there a way for me to clarify?”

“If I had just…”

“I should have…”

“If only…”

Over and over.

Despite there being no way to change anything.

Just the wish that I could.

Not just reserved for the past.

“If they say this, I will respond this way…”

“If they say that, I will respond that way…”

“If this happens, I will react in this way…”

“And if that happens…”

“And I suppose this could happen…”

“Or that…”

“When it's my turn, I will say…” “When it's my turn, I will say…” “When it's my turn, I will say…” “When it's my turn, I will say…”

And then the replay begins.

Missing out on life to prepare for my moment and then relive it.

Learning from others. Hearing another perspective. Humor, connection, enjoyment.

All missed.

Living inside my head.

Replaying the past.

Preparing for the future.

Overcoming the lesson…

A work in progress.

And it is work.

Mindfulness and living in the present moment take practice.

First, accept that the present is the only moment in which you can live.


The more you remain in the present moment…

The more aware you become.

The more thoughtful you become.

The more comfortable you become.

The less self-critical you become.

The more you value authenticity.

The more you become you.

Then you stop living in your head so much.

In the past.

In the future.


You live in the present moment.

You trust in the present moment.

You have faith in the present moment.

You savor the present moment.

Until next time…


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