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Whatever you think is best

The lesson I learned…

Take the advice of others even if it contradicts what you want.

I didn’t take control of my life,

which is ironic given how controlling I can be.

But maybe that makes perfect sense.

Maybe being controlling grew out of previous conditions.

I was steered into most things.

I allowed others to direct my big decisions.

I sought the opinions of everyone around me.

I didn’t have the confidence to move forward with my choices.

I let solid reasoning convince me otherwise.

I ignored my crystal-clear picture and proceeded on the path chosen by others.

I don’t regret the path because it brought me to where I am,

but so much of it doesn't feel mine to own.

Overcoming the lesson…

I made big, bold decisions on my own with only my partner in life playing a role.

I didn’t seek advice from the people that undoubtedly could have made it easier for me.

I deliberately kept my plans to myself.

I wanted to do it on my own.

On my terms.

Without the influence of anyone.

With only my energy feeding it. Fueling it.

This was a dream, and it was going to come about the way I wanted it to.

In truth,

It was a little messy.

At times it was frustrating.

Sometimes I wondered if I was crazy.

I questioned whether I would fail.

I wondered if I had what it takes.


That was the point.

I wanted to live the lessons.

Make the mistakes.

Be proud of myself for overcoming it all.

Be able to take full credit for it.

Own the entire thing.

Now I can say,

I chose.

I made the hard choices.

I took control.

I steered the ship.

I made the decisions.

Win or lose; it’s all on me.

I won’t be giving away my decisions anymore.

Until next time…


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