Hi, I'm Michele and I support individuals in reconnecting with their souls so they can be the person they were meant to be and live the life they were meant to live.  Living in a connected way means living freely and happily.


​You are here because...

  • You are going through the motions of life, doing only what is necessary to get from one day to the next.

  • You feel as though you can't catch a break.

  • You no longer want to feel exhausted and worn out all the time.

  • You no longer want to live with constant stress, worry, and overwhelm.

  • You want to feel something, anything but this numbness, or maybe it's constant pain.

  • You want to do more than just survive this life.

  • You want to be happy.

The old excuses aren't enough to keep you stuck here any longer...

  • I don't have the time.

  • I don't have the energy.

  • I'm barely managing as it is.

  • There's too much to do.

  • It's selfish to take care of myself.

  • I feel guilty for making myself a priority.

  • I don't know how to make myself a priority.

  • Someday it will all be better.  I'll just wait until then.

Because you just can't live like that anymore.  I understand.  I once lived in that place too and decided I couldn't spend a second longer.  

It is within your reach to...

  • Not dread each day and actually feel ready for a new day.

  • Feel gratitude for your life and everything in it.

  • Feel more healthy and energetic.

  • Experience more laughter, smiling, and joy on a regular basis.

  • Have healthier relationships.

  • Experience new and exciting things.

  • Find a supportive community that fits with you.

  • Amaze yourself.

  • Find and act on your purpose.

  • Quiet the incessant chatter in your head.

  • Create a kinder inner voice.

  • Love yourself.




With Spark, a 1:1 coaching program, we will work together to quiet the noise and bring peace and healing to your life so you can really connect with the person you are at a soul level.  That person gets to live without limits.  S(he) is free to do what works for her/him.  S(he) enjoys her/his life!  It is entirely possible, I assure you.

I have been where you are and I know how hopeless it can feel and how dark it can be but there is so much light on the other side.  The first step is to decide to act.

This program is for you if...

  • You are no longer willing to wait for a better life.

  • You are open-minded.

  • You are willing to take steps to make yourself a priority, even if that feels a little uncomfortable right now.

  • You are a person willing to put in the work for a life you love.

  • You are ready to discover whom you were born to be, and s(he) is amazing, I promise!





If you are...

  • Ready to take control.

  • Ready to be happy

  • Ready to feel good

  • Ready to appreciate your life and everything in it

  • Ready for time to yourself

  • Ready to be authentically you

  • Ready to enjoy life

  • Ready to be optimistic and hopeful

  • Ready to feel calm and peaceful

  • Ready to have more patience

  • Ready to have happier and healthier relationships

  • Ready to have things to look forward to

  • Ready for self-approval

  • Ready for healthy boundaries

  • Ready for less worry & anxiety

  • Ready for better sleep

  • Ready for plans, goals, and aspirations

  • Ready to wear a big smile


Then I invite you to join me in this transformational program.

In this powerful, yet completely manageable 1:1 coaching program, you will open yourself up to a soulful transformation by connecting to your inner self. 


You will develop a true appreciation for your life. 


You will enjoy life.


You will experience your full range of emotions, in the best possible way. 


You will open up to all kinds of opportunities.


You will grow as a person. 


You will spend time doing things you love.  Things that fulfill you and make you proud. 


You will connect with supportive and like-minded people. 


You will use your natural gifts to be of service, in meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling ways.  


You will transform the relationship you have with yourself and therefore, everyone around you.  





Here's what we'll do together...

  1. Develop a gratitude practice

  2. Befriend your mind with mindfulness

  3. Find the brighter side with a positive, growth mindset

  4. Develop a better relationship with your feelings

  5. Use your inner gifts for beautiful outcomes

  6. Have fun

  7. Find your tribe with connection & community

  8. Ask and answer: How may I serve?

  9. Learn to love yourself



What's included:

  • The steps that will help you reconnect with your soul and thereby live a freer and more joyful life.  

  • 10, 45-minute, one-on-one Zoom sessions, including one Reiki and sound healing session 

  • Phone, text, email check-ins, as needed

  • Free access to my mini-course, "Your Perfect Morning"

  • Lifetime access to the 1:1 Coaching Program Portal, with all of its content, including helpful handouts and resources pertaining to each session's theme.


In no time at all, you will...

  • Feel healthier and happier

  • Experience gratitude

  • Appreciate the big and little things

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Have more confidence

  • Experience less stress and anxiety

  • Enjoy time with your loved ones

  • Spend time doing things you love

  • Reduce the unhelpful chatter in your head

  • Experience more peace

  • Feel genuinely positive, optimistic, and hopeful

  • Have lots of fun

  • Connect with amazing people

  • Improve your relationships

  • Rediscover your innate gifts

  • Find purpose in life

  • Help others in meaningful and fulfilling ways

  • Be a friend to yourself

  • Love life!



1:1 Coaching Program


"I've been working with Michele for several months and find her to be one of the most sincere, genuine and authentic coaches I've met in the industry.  She's great at fitting into the niche of life coach, wellness coach, happiness coach and overall solid support system.


Her program is customizable to your needs, yet in-depth enough to cover all aspects of creating a balanced, centered lifestyle that allows for growth and reflection.


Highly recommend working with Michele and letting her help you find your true happiness!" 


"We are so grateful for YOU! I really do believe things happen for a reason and the workshop, etc. all happened at such an important point in both of our lives - we needed you and it was such an important way for us to connect with each other during this time as well…THANK YOU!!!"

- Angela