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Hi, I'm Michele. 


I’m so happy you’re here.

Maybe you are here for yourself.  Maybe you are here for your child.  


You want to set your child up to live the happiest life they can live.

You want to set yourself up for the happiest life you can live.

You see your child struggling to believe in themself.

You are struggling to believe in yourself.

Your child is under a lot of pressure and stress and suffers from anxiety.

Maybe you are under a lot of pressure and stress and suffer from anxiety.

Maybe they can't seem to quiet the noise in their head.

Maybe you can't seem to quiet the noise in your head.

Maybe you want them to know they're valued.

Maybe you want to know you're valued.

Maybe they can't seem to manage their feelings and emotions.

Maybe you can't seem to manage your feelings and emotions.
You see them struggling.

You are struggling.

You see them doubting themselves.

You are doubting yourself.

They think they are failing.

You think you are failing.

They are experiencing pain, fear, anger, stress, anxiety, guilt, skepticism.

You are experiencing pain, fear, anger, stress, anxiety, guilt, skepticism.

You wish it could be easier for them.

You wish it could be easier for you.

You want your child to succeed.

You want to succeed.

You want more for them.

You want more for yourself.

You want a life that is fun, meaningful, and fulfilling for you and for your child.  Happy lives for everyone!






Good news!  I've got you both!!


I’m Michele and I help adults and their kids connect to their inner voice so they can live their best and most authentic lives.






















I was stuck.  Going through the motions of life, very unhappily, for a long time.  I worked to pay the bills.  My kids overwhelmed me.  I had friends but almost no social life.  I felt like my entire day, start to finish, was for other people.  I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing but I was so unhappy.  


I had no confidence.  I lived a lot of my life trying to be someone.  Someone who fit in.  Someone who did all the right things.  Someone who was perfect.  Someone who was not me, resulting in so much inner conflict.  My inner voice was very cruel and, at times, abusive.  

I worried all the time.  Anxiety often paralyzed me.  I spiraled most days.  


I was pulled in a million directions.  It drained my energy.  I was exhausted, run-down, worn out.  I was so tired all the time but couldn’t sleep.  I felt so unhealthy.  I felt depressed.

I worked a full-time job in the city.  My commute was 3+ hours a day.  I was on the clock all the time so when I got home after a 12-hour workday I was still answering emails and putting out fires.  As a result, I experienced chronic guilt.  My family wasn't getting enough of my time.  When they did get me, it wasn't a quality version of me.  


And I resented them a little too because they were taking what little time I had left in the day and I was left with absolutely nothing.  Then I felt more guilt for resenting them because it wasn’t their fault. 


Shame spiral. 


Drink wine.  Too much wine.

Time to go to bed and start all over again tomorrow. 

There was absolutely nothing in my life bringing me joy, not even my kids.

I was merely surviving.

I was showing my kids what it looked like to merely survive.  


Is this how the rest of my life is going to be?  

Is this the example I'm really going to set?  

It can't be.  I'll never make it.  And, what will it do to them?

I hoped that someday something would come along and make my life and therefore their lives better.

I waited for so long.


Something told me to stop waiting.  Whatever "it" was, it wasn’t coming.


I decided to try to make my life better on my own. 


I read lots of self-help books.  I tried new things like yoga and meditation.  I picked up a few hobbies.  I became physically active.  I invested time in myself for the first time and it felt good.    

I was doing a lot better.  I was living more of my life for myself.  I was showing my kids a much better version of me.  I wasn't the badass I am today (hehe), but it was definitely an improvement.  I still cared a little too much about what other people thought.  I still lived too much of my life trying to be someone else.  But, I was feeling good.  Happy, even.  And that spread.  The atmosphere in my house changed.  We were all doing better.  

Then 2020 came along. 


2020 rocked me and my family.


It broke me.    


It was a year of loss. 

We endured very painful losses of life.  


I lost support and income.  My company reduced staff and implemented pay cuts, leaving me with more than double the work and less pay, with no end in sight. 

I lost time and space.  I was working longer hours, remotely, and had 2 kids at home remote learning.  There was no escape from anything, ever.


I lost myself.  I was everything to everyone every waking second of every day, with no time or energy left to take care of me.   

I dreaded starting every day.  There was nothing in it for me.  I was only living for everyone else.  I felt like I was trapped in a bad dream and I couldn't wake up.  

I wanted to be happy.  I wanted to return to the life I had, we had, in 2019 but I couldn't get there.  

It was all just too much.  Too hard.  Too painful.  

One saving grace was that I had quit drinking in February.  I was forced to feel all of those feelings.  I had no way to numb them anymore.

And they broke me.


But, it was a blessing. 


In breaking, I exposed my soul, lost, and buried deep inside. 

I realized what was truly important in life.  

I found hope and optimism. 


I put myself back together without the pieces that no longer served me. 

I became a role model.


I dreamed big. 


I took action.      

I upped my self-improvement, self-love, self-everything game.

I spoke openly with my soul.

I made authenticity a priority.

I enlisted the help of anyone offering it - coaches, healers, soul sisters. 


With that help, I found myself.  And I realized that my life already had so much happiness.  I just wasn't seeing it, hearing it, feeling it.  

I invested so much in my personal development.  I worked to become the best possible version of myself.  Still do.

I shared and continue to share what I learn with my kids.  


I built an amazing community. 


I found my strength.  I found my drive.  I found my purpose.  I found me. 


I decided that I no longer, not for one single second more, wanted to live an ok life; I wanted to live a great life.  I wanted to be truly happy.  I wanted to set the best example for my kids. 


I had given so much of my control away, but now I took it back.  

I became me: unapologetically me.  No longer trying to be someone I am not, me.  I love you but I don’t care what you think of me, me.  You are so important to me, but I am also important to me, me. 


I set boundaries. 

I got really comfortable with myself and the way I lived my life. 


I gained so much confidence.  

No more guilt and shame.  No more sacrificing.  No more worry and anxiety.  No more putting myself and my happiness last.  No more missing all of the beauty in my life.  

What I created is a life I love.  One that I am grateful for; that I enjoy.  One filled with good people and exciting adventures.  One with less worry and anxiety.  One with more meaning, purpose, and love for myself and others. One in which I am always working to be the best version of myself for myself and everyone who loves me.  

That's what I am now for my kids.  That's the Mom they get to share life with.  I'm proud of her.  I'm proud of them.  

My journey is ongoing and continually brings me new opportunities and new ways to expand and grow.  

That's my story.  Here's a bit about my kids.

My son is the kindest, sweetest soul who also happens to have ADHD and suffers from anxiety.  He is the kid that gives up his book fair money because a friend forgot theirs.  He talks to the kids who are sitting alone.  He loves his family.  He loves his fur babies.  He has to work hard for everything he accomplishes but work hard he does.  He's a homebody.  He keeps to himself but has some of the best friends I could hope for.  My wish for him is to open up more to all that life has to offer. 

My daughter is a spit-fire.  She is vivacious and artistic and creative.  She has an empathetic heart.  She loves animals and the outdoors.  She loves to be helpful.  She's friendly and outgoing.  She often tries to draw her brother out, much to his dismay.  She wants great things for the people that are important to her.  If she can help with that, she will.  She will have to be careful making choices in life, as she is very trusting and doesn't like to disappoint people.  




  • I was initially raised (for the first two years of my life) in rural (I mean, rural) Sugar Grove, WV.  The current population is under 700.  I visited there with my mother a few years back.  Everything about that place spoke directly to my soul.  The wide-open spaces.  The peaceful landscape.  Nature all around.  It's no wonder they call it God's Country.  Someday I may find myself living there again. 

  • I start every day with meditation, prayer, journaling, affirmations, reading, and movement.

  • I am a mom of two.  

  • I married the twin brother of my brother’s wife. 

  • I have grown into my spirituality.  It was always there but I wasn’t always confident enough to embrace it. 

  • My spiritual path has led me to energy healing in the forms of reiki, sound healing, crystals, and more.  

  • I have a huge soft spot for animals.  I currently have 1 rescue dog and 2 rescue kitties.  I would rescue them all if I could.  It literally pains me to see an animal suffer.  I donate as much as I can to organizations that help animals. 

  • I try to give back as much as I can.  I volunteer and donate as much as I can.

  • Running and bubble baths are my happy places.  They give my mind space to breathe.

  • I took up dancing again in my 40’s.  There were exactly 30 years between my recitals. 

  • I’ve gone from a raging pessimist to an eternal optimist.

  • I love taking courses and learning new things.  I am a forever student.  I am constantly signing up to learn something new, especially if it can help me help others. 

  • I love spending time outdoors - hiking, biking, walking, running, camping.  

  • I’ve discovered that the key to life is loving yourself, for yourself, as yourself.

  • I know with 100% certainty that I have found my divine purpose in life, helping people drown out much of the bad and replace it with the good so they can live their best lives, and I am beyond grateful that I get to do it every day.         






















Michele DeRosa is an empowerment coach, helping adults and kids connect to their inner voice, discovering who they truly are, what they're capable of, and what is best for them.  Through some very powerful practices, they can quiet the noise (negativity, judgment, comparison, criticism, pessimism, perfectionism, anxiety, expectations, etc.) and align their mind with their soul so they can proudly, confidently, bravely, authentically, and happily, live their best and most fulfilling lives.

Through coaching services and workshops, Michele helps adults and children cultivate mindfulness, a positive mindset, self-awareness, and love for themselves.    

Michele also helps clients through energy healing practices.  She is a reiki practitioner and a sound healing practitioner.  Michele is also certified in crystal and chakra healing.  

Michele has an M.Ed. in Education and a B.S. in Business Administration.  She is a certified Life Coach.  She is a mother of two.


Michele left an 11-year career in Executive Search to fulfill her purpose of helping people live their best lives.  Prior to her career in executive search, Michele worked in public elementary schools.  



Here is my story...