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The lesson I learned…

Validation comes from the outside.


I just need someone to say I’m doing a good job.

A pat on the back.

I’m working so hard.

I’m killing myself to do it all.

I just want someone to acknowledge how hard it can be.

How I don’t quit even though I want to, sometimes.

I want someone to give me permission to ease up,

every once in a while.

The compliments will make me feel uncomfortable,

As all compliments do.

I’ll shrug them off when I receive them,

But behind closed doors,

It will mean the world to me that someone sees me.

That someone recognizes all that I do.

That someone is impressed that I can manage it all.

That someone thinks I’m a good Mom and a good person.

I know I’m not the only one killing it every day.

I get that.


I’m not the only one killing it every day.

Have I recognized the women I’m surrounded by?

The women that are always inspiring me.

Have I told them?

Have I said the words?

You inspire me.

Have I encouraged them to ease up on themselves?

I’ve been so focused on receiving my own validation,

That I haven’t offered any.


My dear friend,

You inspire me.

I’m so amazed by you.

And proud of you.

You work so hard.

I see you,

And all that you do.

I know it’s hard sometimes.

It’s ok to take a break.

So that you can keep going.


You, and everything you do, are important.

Thank you.

Overcoming the lesson…

It’s nice to be seen by others, but

Why do we need to wait for others?

We’re the ones who know best all that we do and all that we give.

Where is my mirror?


Beautiful girl,

I see you.

You are working so hard.

You give so much.

I don’t know how you do it all.

I know, at times, it’s really hard but you keep going.

I’m so proud of you.

You’re doing great things,

But make sure you take breaks.

We all need to take breaks.

It’s how we keep going.

Don’t ever forget how incredible you are.

Don’t worry,

If you forget, I’ll remind you.

Now, go take a rest.

It will all be ok.

I see you.

I got you.

I love you.

We don’t need validation from the outside.

We just need to hold ourselves in higher regard.

So that when we think of all that we are and all that we do,

It means something to us.

Until next time…


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1 Comment

Mahara Wayman
Mahara Wayman
Nov 07, 2021

Thank you for this eloquent reminder! You inspire me also!👑

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