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Soul Family

A subscription-based membership that delivers daily messages to inspire, support, and provide positive energy for your soul's healing journey.


This service includes intuitive messages, oracle card readings for the collective, healing rituals, and group energy work to assist you in aligning with your highest self and experiencing inner peace and overall well-being.


  • Daily messages to help you connect with your soul, offering intuitive guidance to empower your decisions and navigate life's obstacles more easily.

  • Healing rituals will be sprinkled in to offer energy cleansing, protection, chakra balancing, emotional and spiritual healing, and to encourage consistent self-care and mindfulness.

  • Monthly group energy sessions will (virtually) unite the community. Connecting with others on a similar path can be a source of empowerment and comfort.  These sessions will provide a space for individual and collective healing.


I am committed to helping you discover your inner strength and embrace your true self, so you can lead a fulfilling, balanced, and happy life.

Are you ready to commit to your personal growth and well-being and join the Soul Family?

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Download the 'Spaces by Wix' app and find Soul Family under Michele DeRosa Healing & Coaching

Messages will be delivered daily.


Cancel anytime

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