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An Empowered, Spiritual Woman

An empowered, spiritual woman will physically or metaphorically wrap her arms around you and give you the support you need to fall apart. She will provide strength in moments of weakness.

She will share her deepest, darkest pain to heal and to help you heal as well.

She will let you cry your heart out and won’t shy away or pull the moment away from you. Instead, she will handle it with the grace and poise it deserves.

She will maybe say some “crazy” things, but please don’t judge her. They are her truth.

She will encourage you to speak your truth and create a welcoming space for that.

She will graciously share all she knows in the hopes that it may help you the way it has helped her, but she will not push, only offer.

She is wonderfully creative and freely shares that beauty and magic with others to make them happy.

She is giving but can also graciously and gratefully receive.

She has come out of hiding, from deep in the shadows, absorbed the light, and now glows from within.

When feeling less than empowered, she does what is needed to feel strong again. She isn’t afraid to put in the work.

She sparkles around her sisters. In fact, they all sparkle together like a glittery constellation.

She loves to learn. She is open to new ideas. She grows in strength with each new bit of information acquired.

Her heart is connected to Spirit, and it shows in the way she thinks, feels, and acts.

She is daring. She follows breadcrumbs. She isn’t afraid to say yes, and even if she is, she says yes anyway, as long as she is true to herself.

She speaks up for herself.

She is very protective of her energy. Don’t take it personally. It is of absolute importance that she safeguard it.

She trusts herself. She connects deeply with her soul. For her, there is no other way.

She is powerfully sensitive. While others may think it is a weakness to be so sensitive, she knows it is her strength.

She operates from a place of love. Always.

Thank you, empowered, spiritual women for being authentically you.

Dedicated to my retreat sisters - A, M, M, T, T, C, K, S.

Until next time...


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