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Be bold! Be adventurous!

The lesson I learned…

Stick with what you know. Don’t venture outside of your comfort zone. It’s not practical. It’s not worth it. As much as you may like something, there is a greater chance you won't, and then what?

This lesson applied to a wide range of things…food, activities, jobs, vacations, hobbies, etc.

Once you said “yes” to something, you were on the hook. You had committed—no going back.

I became really good at excuses to avoid trying new things.

Too easy, too hard, too risky.

Too expensive, too cheap, self-indulgent.

A waste of time, a waste of effort, a waste of money.

Irresponsible, not practical, foolish.

I won’t be good at it. It’s not a fit for me. I know I won’t like it.

I'll make a fool out of myself.

The more I used these excuses, the more I believed them.

Then my excuses became fears. Fear of risk. Fear of the unknown. Fear of wasting. Fear of committing. Fear of looking bad, stupid, silly.

Fear produced an automatic “no” for every new possibility.

Being afraid and saying “no” to everything means you miss out on...

Falling in love with something new.

Excelling at something you never thought you would.

Finding a passion for something that never before entered your mind.

Learning something new and exciting.

Having the experiences of someone entirely different from you.

Seeing something from a different perspective.

Learning. Growing.

Overcoming the lesson…

Working in Corporate America, I was confronted with “new” things all the time. I traveled. I had business lunches and dinners. I had corporate outings. I mixed with people different from me.

The world expanded beyond my little, self-created bubble.

I could no longer get away with the excuses that always held up before. I felt a duty to try new things.

I tried new foods, new activities, new friendships.

The more I tested, the more I loved.

Some I didn’t love or even like, and that was ok. No harm done.

I eventually grew my "yes" muscle.

It's not always easy, and I still fight the automatic "no."

Saying "yes" can be scary. It can be risky. I may make a fool of myself.

I've learned that the risk is generally worth the result.

And truthfully, the risk is usually not that risky.

My advice is to be bold. Be adventurous. Go for it! You never know what saying “yes” could do for your life, your happiness. You never know what positive changes could come from trying something new.

Accept all the gifts presented to you in this world.

And, if you try something and it’s not for you, it’s ok. When you try something new, you are not committing to it, just to giving it a chance.

Is there something you would say “yes” to if not for fear?

Can you be bold and give it a try?

Until next time...


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