Be bold! Be adventurous!

The lesson I learned…

Stick with what you know. Don’t venture outside of your comfort zone. It’s not practical. It’s not worth it. As much as you may like something, there is a greater chance you won't, and then what?

This lesson applied to a wide range of things…food, activities, jobs, vacations, hobbies, etc.

Once you said “yes” to something, you were on the hook. You had committed—no going back.

I became really good at excuses to avoid trying new things.

Too easy, too hard, too risky.

Too expensive, too cheap, self-indulgent.

A waste of time, a waste of effort, a waste of money.

Irresponsible, not practical, foolish.

I won’t be good at it. It’s not a fit for me. I know I won’t like it.