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Center Stage


We strive for balance.

It’s a noble goal.

But, I don’t believe that complete balance is achievable.

One or some areas of your life will always take center stage at different times.

We can’t possibly give all of our attention to every aspect of our lives at every pass.

Maybe your kids need some extra attention right now, so the household duties are set aside.

You are experiencing a hectic time at work, so you have less time to exercise.

You are in a slump, so your self-care practice needs to become a priority, meaning you have less availability for your family and friends.

You are experiencing heartbreak or troubling times, so your spirituality takes a front seat to help you through, and your work gets less of you.

Whatever the case may be, there is always something or some things that require a bit more of our attention than others at any given moment.

That’s ok.

The problem arises when we beat ourselves up for “letting things slip.”

We get mad at ourselves for not doing everything at 100%.

We believe we are failing instead of permitting ourselves to give more to one thing than others.

Failing is not the truth. It’s a story we are telling ourselves.

Yes, we are giving those things less of ourselves at this moment.

That does mean we are failing.

It means we are living.

We are putting our attention where it needs to be right now.

We are living in the moment.

We are prioritizing.

Those other things will soon take center stage.

And then something else will need to move to the back burner.

That’s the way life works.

Focus on what you need to do right now, today.

Have faith that all is at it should be.

You are doing a lovely job.

You always have.

You always will.

Until next time…


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