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Desperately Seeking Approval

The lesson I learned…

Your worth is tied to the approval of others.

Years spent needing approval.

Mainly from one

but also, from all.

I fell short time and again.

So much time half committing to my values

because they didn’t mesh.

Only being half of who I really am.

Afraid to be all of who I really am.

For refusal of the approval

that I wasn’t getting anyway.

Overcoming the lesson…

The final showdown for the approval I always wanted.

Hurtful words were spoken.

A sort of rock bottom.

Replaying the worst of those words over and over.

Initially feeling such sadness

but ultimately realizing

that all of it

was bullshit.

They didn’t know everything I had gone through,

everything I did,

everything I gave,

everything I endured,

everything I worked for.

Why would I seek approval from anyone

who doesn’t know my whole story?

Who found it so easy to judge, without knowing.

No more seeking approval from others.

I let it go,

the need for approval.

It is no longer my burden.

I am free.

I am me


Of which I approve.

And there is nothing better.

Until next time…


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1 comentário

Mahara Wayman
Mahara Wayman
25 de abr. de 2021

Congratulations! Wow that is one of the hardest things for us to first of all, recognize much less act on. Good job. Thank you for your honesty Michele!

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