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Desperately Seeking Approval

The lesson I learned…

Your worth is tied to the approval of others.

Years spent needing approval.

Mainly from one

but also, from all.

I fell short time and again.

So much time half committing to my values

because they didn’t mesh.

Only being half of who I really am.

Afraid to be all of who I really am.

For refusal of the approval

that I wasn’t getting anyway.

Overcoming the lesson…

The final showdown for the approval I always wanted.

Hurtful words were spoken.

A sort of rock bottom.

Replaying the worst of those words over and over.

Initially feeling such sadness

but ultimately realizing

that all of it

was bullshit.

They didn’t know everything I had gone through,

everything I did,

everything I gave,

everything I endured,

everything I worked for.

Why would I seek approval from anyone

who doesn’t know my whole story?

Who found it so easy to judge, without knowing.

No more seeking approval from others.

I let it go,

the need for approval.

It is no longer my burden.

I am free.

I am me


Of which I approve.

And there is nothing better.

Until next time…


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