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Our Mind-Soul Connection

We each have a soul.

It’s unique to us.

It’s the essence of who we are.

It’s our guiding light. Our inner voice.

It dictates our thoughts, beliefs, actions.

At least it does when we connect with it.

But sometimes we let the “noise” get in the way.

What is the noise?

The noise is fear, stress, anxiety, worry, self-doubt, the opinions of others, clutter (internal and external), negativity, pessimism, judgment, skepticism, poor self-care, burnout, obligations, comparison, expectations, past experiences, criticism, numbing agents, “shoulds.”

The noise gets too loud, and we can’t hear the voice inside of us.

Sometimes it’s been so long since we've heard it that we forget it’s there.

How do we start hearing the voice again?

We tune out the noise.

We lower its volume.

We ask ourselves who we really are.

We distinguish ourselves from others.

We turn up the volume of our voice.

The more we figure out who we are, the louder the voice becomes.

How do we figure out who we are?

We get quiet. We get still. We become mindful. We pay attention. We reflect. We ask ourselves questions. We are completely honest with ourselves in our answers. No bullshit. Only truth. Even here, when seeking self-discovery, we sometimes respond with the "shoulds" instead of realities. The answers are only for you. No need to make them look pretty or proper. Do not judge. Be true, to yourself, for yourself. Ignore the inclination to make it acceptable. Acceptable to who? Be real. It's the only way.

What makes you happiest?

Where do you experience peace?

What qualities are important to you?

How do you want to live your life?

In what situations do you have the biggest smile on your face?

What makes you uncomfortable? Why?

What is your superpower?

All of the answers are already inside of you. You just need to listen.

Connect with your soul and things will start to click into place. Things will begin to make sense like never before. It will feel as though the stars are aligning and the Universe is speaking directly to you. And it does, you know. Once you become true to yourself, the Universe is relieved and very happy to work in your favor. You will go from wondering why things never work out for you to being so grateful that everything is working out for you. Skeptical? Give it a try.

Find the light. Be the light. Share the light.


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