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Embark on a journey to tranquil sleep and happy dreams with our Sweet Dreams Mojo Bag. This enchanting bag is filled with a blend of carefully selected herbs, flowers, crystals, and other mystical ingredients, all designed to help you experience peaceful sleep and enjoyable dreams.


Place the mojo bag under your pillow, set your intention of divine sleep and magical dreams, and let the enchanting properties of the ingredients work their wonders.  Say hello to peaceful rest and the sweetest of dreams with this mystical creation from our apothecary.


Charms will vary.


Pink sea salt - purification & protection

Rose - love

Lavender - calming love, peace, balance, purification

Chamomile - protection, purification, good luck, prosperity, relaxation

Hibiscus - happy dreams

Rosemary - peace & protection

Thyme - courage, strength, peace, protection, harmony

Borage - calmness, peace, coping, courage, tranquility

Mallow - happy dreams

Mugwort - higher awareness of your dreams

Clear Quartz - healing & amplification

Amethyst - connection to intuition, peace, serenity


**The color may vary on the outer bag.**

Sweet Dreams Mojo Bag