My journey from sad to "spreading the cheer". The lessons I've learned and overcome.

Hello, friends.

My name is Michele, and I was once a sad, pessimistic, and negative person.

The universe was against me.

If anything could go wrong, it did.

If I had a 50/50 shot at something, I landed on the wrong 50.

I couldn't catch a break. I wasn't one of the lucky people.

I longed for a better life but sometimes felt so comforted by my sadness that I couldn't imagine it any other way.

I accepted my way of being but held out a glimmer of hope that something would come along and change it all.

I just needed something to make it all better.

I thought maybe a perfect relationship, or a dream job, or winning the lottery, or a beautiful home was what I needed to be happy.

I carried on with life as usual but was ever waiting, longing, dreaming of someday when my happiness would finally arr